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13 Apr

Investing in Makeup Air Units

Makeup air units are used to take in outside air, which is then used to heat, cool, or ventilate a building. Makeup are units are not to be confused with air handler units, which are a bit different. The difference being a makeup air unit uses 100% of the outside air, while a air handler unit will use a mix of outdoor and recirculated air. Makeup air units can be used on any building, big or small. However, they are more commonly seen on larger buildings, like schools, hospitals and office buildings.

Along with using common sense, most cities (including Calgary) have building codes that enforce when and where make up air units should be installed. A building with enclosed spaces and a risk of illness or poisoning from the air will need to have a make up air unit installed to comply with the bylaw. Some may say “just open a window to let fresh air in”, but try doing that for long periods of time when it’s -30° C outside.

A mechanic shop, for example, will need a makeup air unit to ventilate the toxic engine exhaust from cars. Buildings containing large populations of people should also have a makeup air unit installed, to prevent the spread of the common cold and influenza.

Makeup air units are a big investment but if you’re organization, they’re essential. The last thing you want is someone to fall ill (or worse, die) and you or your organization be held liable for it. Beside the preventive measures, makeup air units are a good way to maintain the health of the occupants inside. A study done by Berkely Lab scientists found that letting fresh air into schools reduced air borne illnesses and caused class absences to drop by approximately 3.4%.

Triple H Hydronics has the solutions to keep your building occupants healthy and safe. Don’t let your budget get in the way with our flexible financing options. Our years of experience makes us more than qualified for the job. Contact Triple H Hydronics today to find out more about make up air units.