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9 Apr

Tips to make the most of hydronic heating

Hydronic heating systems in homes and offices use significantly less electricity than other traditional heaters and could save you around 20-40% compared to other methods. It may cost a bit more to install but in the end, it is worth it. Most hydronic systems use gas or solar boilers. Gas boilers consume less energy because it recycles and reuses water that is already warm from its previous use.  Solar boilers can save you even more money. Also, the Government provides tax incentives for those who go for energy saving systems for their home. However, the cost efficiency of hydronic heating panels do not end here.

Here are some tips to make the most of your hydronic heating,

  • Choose a higher efficiency residential or commercial hydronic heating system that has insulated pipes and boiler. By providing insulation, you could reduce the occurrence of heat loss. You should not have to close the door to prevent heat from escaping the room as there is no burst of air to push it out.
  • Reducing the thermostat settings just one degree is not much but it could save you up to 10%of the operating cost.
  • The major benefit of using hydronic system is that it comes with zonal valves. By controlling the temperature wherever you want, you could heat only the areas that are in use or needed.
  • Service it annually to maintain the heating system at its best working condition and to make sure that it lasts longer.

By following these steps you could further reduce the cost spent on your hydronic heating system.