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28 Jun

Why Choose Hydronic Panels for Use in an Industrial Environment?

Controlling the temperature within an industrial environment is obviously very important. In certain factories, the ambient temperature plays a very important role in the manufacture of a product and the performance of the employees. Therefore, industrial organizations spend a good deal of money to ensure that they install reliable heating systems that are going to last.

One of the best heating systems that’s ideal for use in industrial environments is industrial hydronic heating panels. They have become very popular recently because of their increased energy efficiency and low carbon footprint. In an industrial organization, both of these factors play a very important role.

Better Than a Central Ducted System

Compared to a conventional ducted system, these heating panels are a much better choice. For starters, they will help you save on your commercial HVAC repair costs. On top of that, the heating panels are also estimated to be 35% more cost-effective than their ducted counterparts, thus providing a better return on your investment.

Heating Zones

On top of that, you can also set up heating zones in different locations to control the temperature accordingly in specific areas and rooms. This is vital in industries where products have to go through different stages of production. For companies that are looking to save money on new heating systems, the hydronic heating panels are a fantastic choice. They offer a great return on investment and are also very easy to maintain.