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13 Dec

Home Improvement: Great Places to Put Your Hydronic Heating Panels

Hydronic heating panels are nothing new, but they are seeing a resurgence in popularity as people are realizing the benefits of newer models of them. Now that there are ways to do more with less, and to make them much more energy efficient than past models, people who want these panels or are looking for good sources of heat that will work in their rooms are choosing them over other options. For those who choose this type of heating, there are several different options for putting these panels to good use. Not every room needs them, but some rooms are better for using them in than others. Here are a few suggestions.

Having a Warm Floor in the Bathroom

One of the best places for hydronic panels is the bathroom. Having a warm floor is often very nice when it is cold outside, or when the house is chilly during the nighttime hours. Getting out of a warm bed and then stepping on cold tile in the bathroom may not be very enjoyable during the night. Even during the day, the tile in a bathroom is often colder feeling than the flooring choices in other rooms. Among the ways to make things more comfortable is the use of hydronic panels, as they warm up the floor through the use of heated water flowing through tubes underneath. That allows for control of the temperature of the floor, which makes it comfortable on the feet and also helps to heat the entire room.

Make the Bedroom Cozy With Hydronic Heat Panels

The bedroom is another good place for hydronic panels for heat. Not only do these panels keep the floor warm for people getting out of bed during the night or in the morning, but the radiant heat coming up from the floor can keep the room cozier, as well. It reduces the need for other types of heat sources in the bedroom, and provides a soft, even heat that can be very enjoyable and comfortable. Heat rises, so it makes sense that a heating system would be in the floor. That is the most efficient use of the air as it rises toward the ceiling, and choosing hydronic heating panels also provides a low-tech way to heat the bedroom with choices that generally work long term and do not need much maintenance. That keeps costs down, as well.

Keep a Kitchen Warm and Comfortable

For another good place to use hydronic heating panels, consider the kitchen. It is often considered the heart of the home, and people can really enjoy spending time together there. If the floor is warm and cozy, and the kitchen feels good, there is a higher chance that more people will want to spend time there, just enjoying a gathering. Hydronic heating offers that comfort and cozy feeling of soft heat that is even and consistent. By providing that during the winter months, a kitchen can be a good place to enjoy the holidays or any type of down time where people congregate and have a meal, a cup of coffee, or just a good discussion. Hydronic heating can help make those times possible.