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When our church unexpectedly learned during a recent renovation project that changes would need to be made to our heating and hot water systems, Triple H was able and willing to examine our facility, determine what would meet our needs and anticipate growth, and propose the proper equipment. Since installation, they have been ready and willing to provide answers and support as needed. The office staff and ownership have always provided excellent communication, direction and resources, calmly and persistently providing answers when others were left scratching their heads. We continue to appreciate the professional and generous way they came through for us, and strongly recommend Triple H Hydronics.

Reverend John Estabrooks

Triple H Hydronics makes the best heating system in North America. We had this system in our home and garage in Calgary. They built to suit in our already finished home. The warmth is an addictive heat. It just feels good. It is clean-no dust or animal hair poofing up up from duct work and it is very cost effective.

Elsie Toews

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