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Dual Zone Panels

High-efficiency Dual Zone Panels You Can Depend On

Sometimes, it takes extraordinary measures to keep your home habitable. When you need to heat separate areas independently and reduce your energy costs in the process, you should look no further than Triple H Hydronics. Our dual zone panels let you reconfigure your home for ultimate temperature comfort.

Is Dual Zone Hydronic Heating Right for You?

Dual-zone setups take hydronic technology to the logical next level. In addition to having the power to supply multiple radiant heating loops with the hot water they need, these devices incorporate electronic controls, bypass valves and backflow restriction technologies that permit them to deliver warmth with exacting precision.

Keeping your home toasty doesn’t have to be a massively expensive endeavour. Our systems ensure that heat goes exactly where you want it.

What Makes Our Dual Zone Solutions so Superior?

Triple H Hydronics panels work with your current hot water tank to minimise your installation costs. We’ve also honed our fabrication process so that your setup goes as smoothly as possible.

Have an older radiant heating loop that needs an improved fluid supply? We can adapt our technology to fit. Wondering how you’ll raise your home's value with an entirely new system? No worries. We’re experts at creating custom solutions that integrate seamlessly with modern thermostats and plumbing.

Quality That Lasts for Generations

Thanks to decades of combined experience, Triple H Hydronics engineering, fabrication and installation professionals can tackle any heating challenge. We’ve mastered the plumbing and wiring tasks required to get dual zone panels running flawlessly, so nothing is stopping you from enjoying radiant warmth for years to come.

We ship our dual zone panels with all of their CSA-approved control wiring already complete and ready for operation. With a small amount of elementary plumbing, we’ll have you enjoying warmer floors and more comfortable surroundings.

Why are you still waiting to put your water heater to work? Strike up the conversation with a Triple H Hydronics expert to begin basking in radiant warmth that won’t ever let you down.

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